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  • Thoughts, Musings, & Ruminations

    Thoughts, musings, and ruminations.

    So… You’re a teacher working with students that don’t want to be there. For many young people,...
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    Critical Thinking & Problem-solving

    Through a decade of employment and dedicated study working with children and young people that display trauma-based behaviours, I am able to work with a range of behaviours while still having fun. Through incorporating life skills, critical thinking and problem-solving we are able to work together to develop skills that cross into other areas of life.

    Unique Approach to Learning

    Each person has an individual learning style. Through feedback during each session, we will work to uncover how you learn most effectively and future exercises and sessions will incorporate this learning style into it. Through this journey we are able to utilise each and every session so that you can get the most of each one.

    Customised ​Learning Plans

    Every student is different.

    While in a classroom of 20+ students, your child may not have the tailored learning that can help them thrive.

    In our classes we work together to find your child's strongest learning method and incorporate that into each session to ensure we are getting the most out of every hour.

    IELTS Exam Preperation

    Through dedicated session exercises that break down exactly what you need to do to achieve your desired Band, we will develop your knowledge and confidence to give you the best chance of getting your dream Band score.

  • About Your Tutor

    Since leaving high school and entering the work force, I have dedicated myself to learning how I can best help others to achieve their goals. Learning is something we do every day. With this understanding my goal is to empower others to figure out how they learn best so that they can apply that knowledge to every part of their life. With a Social Sciences Certificate, Youth Work Certificate, and TEFL Certificate, I am confident that we will work toegether well to reach your goals!